The importance of the 11 Plus Exam

11 Plus examinations are considered as the gateway to an exceptional academic future, and a successful and rewarding career. Passing the 11 Plus Exam is considered by aspirational parents as a milestone in their child’s life.

For decades various governments have attempted to abolish or discredit the eleven plus examination system but it remains as popular as ever. Parents are desperate for their child to have access to the level of traditional teaching, exemplary facilities, controlled environment and opportunities that this level of education at a top grammar or private schools can bring.

It is not uncommon for the most successful private schools to have a
Prep school annex which specifically prepares its pupils for the rigors of the eleven plus exam and are direct feeder schools for the ‘Upper School” This guarantees that a significant proportion of students entering the Main School are already high flyers. The remainder of the intake is acquired by selective testing through the 11+ exam.

What does it take to pass the 11 Plus Exams?
The structure of the test varies from school to school, and for grammar schools, according to area. However, pupils can expect to sit papers in some or all of the following: English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Annually, up to 1500 students can compete for as few as 100 places at the best state grammar or private schools. Demand for these places is such that local police have had to control crowds of parents attending opening evenings as well as have a presence at train stations on eleven plus exam days.

As demand for the 11 plus exam soars, it is the top rated grammar schools that have seen the most significant increase in applications.

Similarly, demand for appropriate 11 plus exam preparation for pupils not attending Prep school has increased significantly.