A Level Biology

A Level Biology is available at Summit as a two-year or a one-year course, the latter being relevant if you are retaking  AS or A2 examinations.

If you are taking AS or A2 Biology for the first time, in addition to having classes at Summit, we expect you to be attending day classes at school or college as these specifications are extensive and require many  hours of teaching.

Entry to the AS or A2 Biology Course:

This is dependent on you having achieved a high grade in GCSE Science.  For students who are re-taking AS/A2 Biology, you are given an assessment to determine your ability to complete the course successfully.  All students, must demonstrate a strong commitment to undertake independent work.

Old Specification AS and A2

We are currently teaching the old Legacy Specification for students preparing for the final retake opportunity in June 2017.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 theory is taught consecutively over three terms.  Revision of all units begin in April in preparation for examinations in May/June.  Past paper revision is continuous throughout the course. Similarly, for A2 Biology the syllabus is covered in 3 terms.

Students re-sitting the legacy specification in 2017 may request the ISA practical if they need to improve their ISA marks.

New Specification:

We also offer the New Specification with the stand alone AS qualification taught over 1 year, and the complete A Level qualification over two years.

We offer the A Level Biology course for AQA and Edexcel.