A Level Physics

We understand that the step up from GCSE to A Level Physics can be daunting and our teachers go the ‘extra mile’ to support and encourage you all the way.

If you enrol to study AS Physics for the first time, we expect that in addition to attending classes at Summit, you are also having day classes at school or college.  These specifications are extensive and require many hours teaching time to cover the entire syllabus.

Entry to the AS Physics course is dependent on having achieved a high grade in GCSE Physics.  If you are re-siting A Level Physics, entry to the course is based on an assessment, to determining your ability to complete the course successfully in one academic year.  All students, whether preparing for AS or A2 Physics must demonstrate a strong commitment to undertake independent study.

Hard work is required at all levels and a love for the subject is a great help.  If you are also in mainstream school, the tuition you receive at Summit, will propel you to higher levels of understanding and achievement.

The Course

The AQA New Specification Physics course is taught at Summit.  Class sizes are small and lessons are intensive.

A Level Physics Legacy Specification re-sits in June 2017.

Preparation for this final re-sit opportunity is open to students retaking AS and A2 examinations in June 2017.

If you need to do your ISA practical again to improve your marks, this can be arranged.