Changes to some GCSE’s, AS and A-Level qualifications you should know about

New GCSE’s will be linear and graded (9-1), rather than A* – C.  If you are not aware of these changes it is important to visit the website of one or more of the awarding bodies, AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR or WJEC.

C grade in English \ English Language, Mathematics or Science is compulsory for Apprenticeships, Higher Education, Teaching, University and even employment.  Some employers are making it a condition of promotion that staff have a minimum grade C pass in Mathematics.

How will these changes affect you?

Some familiar examinations will be disappearing and are only being offered as a ‘final re-sit opportunity’ inthe June 2017 examination series.  If you need to re-sit any of these examinations mentioned above, don’t miss out.  The new specifications are very different.  For example, the new GCSE Mathematics qualification comprises 3 papers as  opposed to the current 2 papers, calculator and non-calculator.

A few of the most popular examinations being withdrawn are listed below.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.


Edexcel: 1MA0

AQA:  4365, 4360, 9370 AND 9365

OCR:  J562, J567


Edexcel:  5EH2H


OCR:  J350, J351

A Level

Legacy specifications:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics  all have a final re-sit opportunity in June 2017.  Other subjects being withdrawn include Business Studies and Economics.  These subjects are being replaced with New Specifications.

AS Level – is it worth studying?

In a nutshell, the value of an AS Level is significantly reduced to (40% from 50%) and as a standalone qualification may not be accepted by many universities or institutions of higher education.