GCSE Courses


Each course is led by a subject specialist.

Throughout your time at Summit Saturday School you are taught how to maximize your learning and achieve the top  grades necessary to take the A Level options you want at sixth form.

GCSE English (9-1)

The English Department consists of English specialists with many years experience and an excellent record to getting students to achieve  grades.
GCSE students being examined in AQA, OCR, Edexcel syllabuses receive highly specialised teaching.  Small classes provide excellent working environment for both student and teacher.

GCSE English at Summit is designed to give pupils the opportunity to clarify, practise and revise all of the skills necessary to obtain top 9 – 5 passes.
Whilst each examination board will set different texts for study, the typical tasks remain consistent throughout. Therefore, we tailor lesson plans and resources to every individual student’s specifications, enabling them to practise the tasks of analysing, comparing, speaking and listening, and writing for a variety of purposes and audiences, using excerpts from the poetry, prose and drama texts.  Students  practise personal writing, essay planning and written accuracy at regular intervals. Revision classes are available for those students who want to improve their grades when retaking GCSE English Language for AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

iGCSE English Language

Edexcel and Cambridge International (CIE) offer this qualification, we teach both at Summit.  iGCSE is a popular choice for many students.  There are options which include controlled assessment and options which do not.  iGCSEs are favoured by many independent schools, the qualification is accepted for UCAS applications and has grown in popularity year on year.


GCSE Mathematics (9-1)

The Edexcel and AQA GCSE specifications ( 9 – 1) are  taught at Summit.

We seek to encourage a love of mathematics in our pupils. It is important that you understand the concepts and our teacher’s style of teaching has proved very successful. They are conversant with the specifications as all are subject specialists and/or examiners.

Our teachers  are fully trained in the new specifications and will work with you to develop your skills in all topics.  With the content the same for all awarding bodies we provide a comprehensive course and ensure that you are conversant with the concepts:

  • Algebra
  • Number
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

If you are re-sitting the Old specification Edexcel 1MA0 or AQA 4365, revision classes are available up to the date of the November examinations.

GCSE Science (9-1)

Science is taught by scientists who have many years teaching experience and are also examiners.  At Summit we provide tuition for both the AQA and Edexcel specifications.  Individual GCSE Sciences and Mixed/Combined Sciences are taught in a stimulating environment.

Our teachers bring enthusiasm and fun to learning, and use a range of creative teaching strategies including presentations, discussions and experiments. Science is a popular choice with pupils.

The content of the course features elements of the separate disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They are taught in a stimulating and motivating manner, challenging pupils to embrace the concepts and apply them to the real world.
Students benefit from a course that is designed to cover the main topics for exam boards. At this stage whether the student is studying Biology, Physics or Chemistry, or combined Science, the emphasis is on examination techniques, key facts and study skills. The Science Department at Summit Saturday School works to ensure that every student is working at, or above his or her predicted grade.
During the Spring Term, past paper mock examinations are scheduled into the course allowing students valuable exam practice.
Teachers are committed to improving students’ grades and also encourage them to develop a love of Science and become life long learners.

As with all other GCSE subjects, you will be required to take an assessment before joining Summit in order that your teacher can assess your ability and allocate you to the appropriate class.  Regular attendance, punctuality and homework completion are essential.