Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 courses at Summit Saturday School in London offer excellent tuition to pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9.  The courses are tailored to the New Key 3 National Curriculum.  Key Stage 3 English, Mathematics and Science are taught by highly qualified tutors who are professionally trained to deliver the new KS3 National Curriculum.  Classes are small, consisting of eight pupils or less.

Key Stage 3 – Advanced preparation for high attainment

Each KS3 course is carefully designed.  As part of a small intimate class, your child receives individual attention and is encouraged to ask for help at any time.  Our tutors are readily at hand to give clarification and provide instant solutions.

Key Stage 3 subjects include:

  • Key Stage 3 English
  • Key Stage 3 Mathematics
  • Key Stage 3 Science


“They say the world would rather pass you by than stop to find out what makes you cry”. Well Summit stopped. It stopped for me and many others, so we don’t have to cry anymore. I am not a perfectionist, but by being at Summit I now seek perfection.”

“Did you ever hear about the rose that grew from concrete”? It learnt to walk without using feet. It grew without nourishment, encouragement and faith. From Being at Summit I have learnt that what we learn nourishes us, the teachers encourage us and we have faith in ourselves. We students are very similar to that rose because it doesn’’t matter how bad our outside influences are we still manage to prove others wrong.”

“We learn how to better ourselves, we have been exposed to things that we never would have imagined. And ultimately, we excel academically.

“I have so many things to thank Summit Saturday School for; first of all I would like to thank my teachers and the Principal, Mrs. Stewart. One of the things I am most grateful for is my scholarship to 6th Form. I have made great friends here and now begin to think of many of them as family. I can’t begin to imagine what life would be like without it.”

“From my minor to the depths of my soul, I yearn to achieve all my goals. I hope you do too.”


Summit’s style of learning, the discipline, weekly homework and high expectations are a recipe for high pupil achievement

Your child will become increasingly confident in all areas of the subject. Their performance at Saturday school will also be mirrored in school. The teachers on this Key Stage 3 course have an excellent record of success in turning around the ability of their pupils. Many of Summit’s pupils are in the top 10 per cent of their year.

Apply now.. Give your child the head start they need to propel them towards academic success..