Key Stage 3 – Mathematics Courses in London

We provide small, friendly dynamic Key Stage 3 Mathematics classes at Summit Saturday School.

There are eight pupils or less in each class.

Our Key Stage 3 Mathematics tutors are highly qualified and fully conversant with the skills that pupils must acquire under the New key Stage 3 national Curriculum.

Key Stage 3 mathematics tuition here is thorough.  Mathematical fluency, mathematical reasoning andcompetence in solving increasingly difficult problems are crucial elements that KS3 pupils must become conversant with.

The course includes:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measure
  • probability
  • Statistics

Our tutors are here to help.  With such small numbers in the class every child receives indificual attentionas there is ample opportunity for pupils to raise their hand and ask the tutor’s help.

Key Stage 3 pupils on this course improve their understanding and build excellent problem solving skills.  Our tutor’s style of teaching help their pupils overcome resistance and anxiety towards mathematics.  Pupils attending our classes achieve highly in Key Stage 3 and GCSE.

The KS3 pupil becomes increasingly confident in all areas of mathematics.  Their performance in our classroom will also be mirrored in their school lessons.  Out tutors have an excellent record of success in turning around the ability of lower performing pupils and maximising the potential of higher achievers.