Key Stage 3  – Science Courses in London

We provide small, friendly, dynamic Key Stage 3 Science classes at Summit Saturday School in London.

There are eight pupils or less in each class.  Tutors are qualified scientists and trained to deliver the New Key Stage 3 Science Curriculum.

Key Stage 3 pupils are required to see the connection between, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and their interactivity. Our Key Stage 3 tutors have many years of experience. They understand how important it is for young pupils to grasp the connection between the sciences. Lessons are exciting and stimulating as they guide their pupils to develop a love of science. Therefore the three disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry are taught in the Key Stage 3 classroom.

Topics covered include:

  • Scientific attitudes
  • experimental skills and investigations
  • analysis and evaluation
  • measurement

Key Stage 3 Biology.  In this subject pupils cover:

  • Cells and organisation
  • the skeletal and muscular systems
  • nutrition and digestion
  • reproduction
  • material cycles and energy
  • genetics and evolution

Key Stage 3 Chemistry  The course content includes

  • the particulate nature of matter
  • atoms, elements and compounds
  • pure and impure substances
  • chemical reactions
  • energetics
  • the periodic table

Key Stage 3 Physics course content 

  • energy
  • motion and forces
  • waves
  • electricity and electromagnetism
  • space physics.

Tuition on the Key Stage 3 Science Course provides a solid foundation for GCSE