11 plus exam preparation has become the ‘norm’ in households all over the UK and a must for parents who want to have some control over their child’s secondary school placement.

Pupils in preparatory schools are guided through extra mathematics coaching in advance of the 11 plus exams. Parents of chidren in state primary schools have now accepted that they too must supplement their child’s learning.

The Independent published an article on this increasing practice “A recent government survey showed that 11 per cent of parents with state-educated children have paid for private tutors. The survey, involving 1,500 parents, also showed that 9 per cent of parents with children as young as five used tutors.” (Independent, 2009). Highlighting how much parents value tuition “The cost of private tuition will vary widely depending on where you live in the UK and what level of tuition you require but, generally speaking, tutors charge between £20 and £80 an hour. “ Read the full article

As a ‘desperate’ parent, what qualities should you be looking for in a tutor?  Here are some tips:

· Qualified teacher status (QTS)

· Specialism  i.e in mathematics

·  Previous experience of 11 plus exam preparation

·  A record of success (pupils who have passed and received top school offers)

·  References or testimonials

All too often parents think that just hiring a tutor is enough, but without the correct tuition your child could still be at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, with work commitments the majority of parents simply do not have the time to sit down and help their children at home with their maths. More importantly, many parents do not understand the way the subject is now being taught in school, resulting in confused children and many cries of ‘that’s not the way I’m taught in school!”

Admittedly, it’s a fine line finding the correct match between the teaching in school and teaching by a tutor.  At Summit Saturday School qualified specialists teach our students. We have also found that by giving parents the opportunity to speak to children who have had experience of Summit teaching (as well as their parents). It is easy for these children and their parents to see how they too can have a successful outcome.

Maths is taught by experts in a unique, professional way at Summit.  Students who have previously struggled with the subject grow to love and enjoy it and our record of success speaks for itself.