We are a Private Examination Centre and accept entries for AQA, Edexcel (Pearson), OCR, Cambridge International and WJEC.

The Closing Date for June 2017 Series is 10th February 2017

After this deadline, we may continue to accept “late” and “very late” entry applications, providing there is availability. Costs are generally higher.

If you require extra time, your application with all supporting documents attached MUST be received by us no later than 6th January 2017.  This application is subject to our written acceptance. 

NB: all entries are subject to Terms and Conditions.

The Procedure

  • Entries can be made online or in person.
  • You must know your entry code(s) in order to book an exam, this information is on your Statement of Results.
  • If you wish to register in person, you must book an appointment
  • If you live outside of London, you are advised to register with a Centre closer to home.
  • We need to see your recent official Statement of Results when you make your entry as we must ensure that your UCI and ULN are correct.  If you have never entered for an examination in the UK, we can provide a UCI.

Supporting documents we require to make your entry

  1. Two passport size photographs
  2. A photocopy of your passport (the page showing your personal details)
  3. Statement of Results
  4. 2 A4 stamped addressed envelopes

The above documents can be posted or hand-delivered when making your entry in person.