Terms and Conditions for Private Candidates

Summit Saturday School is a Recognised Examination Centre for examinations set by:

Accuracy of Entry Codes
It is vital that you provide clear unambiguous information with regard to the examinations you wish to be entered for. This means correct unit codes and (where relevant) option details. This is especially important in subjects with many different options such as Government and Politics, History and Religious Studies. Please note – if information supplied by prospective candidates is missing or in any way misleading or ambiguous, the entry will not be accepted.

Payment may be made by cash, debit card (no surcharge) or credit card (3.6% charge). Cheques (made payable to Summit Saturday School) will be accepted but only for payments where the total fee does not exceed £200 and 1 month before the date of the examination. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Postal orders will not be accepted.
Payment must be made in full at the time of registration. Instalment payment will not be accepted under any circumstances.
If a candidate requests additional units or subjects after the initial registration of entries, these must be paid for in full (inclusive of any late entry fees where relevant) before the initial entries are amended.
Please note – refunds will not be issued in the event of cancellation under any circumstances. In the event of exceptional circumstances – for example, a period in hospital which prevents the candidate from taking an examination – the entry will be deferred to a future available examination session of the candidate’s choice with no additional fees being due, provided we are supplied with documentary evidence to verify what has happened.

Access Arrangements
IMPORTANT – if access arrangements (extra time, supervised rest breaks, permission to word process an examination, use a bilingual dictionary with extra time) are required, these must be requested at the time of registering the entry or, by the date specified by our Centre.

We require current, valid supporting documentation (an educational psychologist’s report dated less than two years before the relevant examination PLUS documentation supplied by the candidate’s previous school or college showing in full the evidence of need, in the form of the Joint Council for Qualifications Form 8 or equivalent) must be supplied. Please note, under no circumstances will we accept applications from potential private candidates who bring us out of date documentation, promising to rectify the situation at a later date. Likewise, any requests for access arrangements linked to a medical condition must be backed up by a valid, up to date doctor’s certificate or hospital letter which describes the circumstances in as much detail as possible, and makes clear how the examination performance will be affected by the medical condition and / or side effects caused by drugs prescribed by a medical practitioner.
It is regretted that we are unable to accept applications from private candidates who require either a reader or a scribe.
We will not be able to guarantee acceptance of a request for access arrangements if the request is made after the initial registration of the examination entries. We must meet examination Awarding Body and JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) deadlines for registering all access arrangements. Any information relating to requests for special access arrangements (e.g extra time) must be declared at the time of registration with the obvious exception of a candidate who incurs a medical problem after the entries have been made, for example, as a result of being involved in a road traffic accident.
Candidates who fail to declare their access needs at the time of registration will have to take their examinations without the proposed access arrangements and there will be no refund of entry fees in the event of subsequent cancellation.
Please note – for each examination session, there is a deadline after which we will not accept any more applications from private candidates requiring extra time.
These deadlines are clearly shown relating to each individual examination session, which you will find in the relevant section, UNLESS this deadline has already passed, in which case there will be a statement to the effect that we are unable to accept any more applications from potential private (external) candidates who require extra time in the relevant examination session.
Finally, it is regretted that we cannot guarantee that we will accept every application from external candidates requiring Access Arrangements. Our decision whether to accept a particular application is final and is non-negotiable.
Timetable Clashes
Clashes between examinations taking place solely at Summit Saturday School will be resolved by the Examinations Officer and the solution will be indicated clearly on the Statement of Entry before it is posted to you.

If a candidate is taking examinations at another Centre as well as at Summit Saturday School, it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform us at the time of entry about these other examinations, in order that potential clashes may be dealt with immediately and efficiently. Failure to provide us with such information may result in a problem which cannot be solved, and candidates will not have their entry fees refunded if they are unable to attend examinations at Summit under such circumstances.

Coursework / language oral tests / language listening comprehension tests / practical subjects
We will not accept applications from private candidates for coursework components, language oral tests, candidate-controlled language listening comprehension tests, examinations requiring a DVD player, science practicals or Art and Design. This means that we do not accept applications from private candidates for AS/A level language comprehension. Applications from candidates who wish to carry forward coursework marks from previous examination sessions, and who are able to supply valid documentation at the time of entry will be accepted.