Summit Saturday School (North East) will open in spring 2010. Already an established school in London with prestigious links – this is an exciting development for Teesside.

From April 2010 Summit Saturday (North East) will be located at:
Summit Saturday School – Teesside Venue
North East Saturday School,
c/o Victoria Building
Victoria Road
Phone: 01642 828 720

Summit Saturday School is a private school which is open every Saturday during term time. Summit is a formal school, with qualified teachers, a Principal and Deputy Head and the other formalities of a week-day school.
The school’s motto is “we give you the tools to climb mountains!” That is exactly what Summit does by empowering its pupils with excellent teaching and the confidence to excel in examinations as well as in their lives. By the time students leave Summit they are confident and highly motivated.
Class size at Summit is small. This is for the comfort of the teacher and to allow every pupil in the class to be engaged and participate fully. This is the students chance to really explore their subjects and develop a strong understanding.
But Summit is not just about excellent grades, we have an holistic approach to education, so students are invited to workshops that provide them the tools to succeed in exams, interviews, University and later the workplace.
The number of students applying to UK universities has gone up by 22.9% this year alone – meaning that students can no longer only depend upon having good grades to get in to their University of choice. “You have to be able to show you have that something extra – and certificates alone don’t show that. Experience of volunteering, work placement, confidence and a positive attitude and demeanour, now THAT makes a student stand out. “