What they Say About Summit

Elisha Carrington’s Story

My daughter started at Summit on 21st March 2009. Her confidence in her academic ability at the time of joining was low. The teachers at Summit Saturday School have helped her raise her confidence by supporting her in every possible way. At Summit the teachers not only guide students in their academic subjects, they importantly tap into each child’s individual potential and bring out the greatness of every child. My daughter has learnt how to use knowledge in creative ways, which she takes from Summit and applies to her everyday learning. It is not just a Saturday school; the teachers are always at the end of the line to support the pupils.

Elisha Carrington (mother of pupil on 11 + Scholarship Course).

Ashwin’s Story

“I feel good about coming to Summit on Saturday morning.  I would come anyway because it improves me and it’s sort of fun.

The teachers here are nice and if you get stuck they help you.  The other children are nice too. Coming to Summit has helped me because now I find tests easier and I know better methods of doing things. It has helped me a lot in mathematics and non-verbal reasoning, because you don’t just get told the answers you learn to reason things out.  That is why I find non-verbal reasoning much easier now. I have learnt a lot in 6 months”


Mr Sundresh’s Story

My impression of Summit is that it has certainly helped Ashwin considerably in his mathematics and non-verbal reasoning.  Basically what he was missing he has gained in techniques to solve complex problems.  As far as I can see the teaching methods are good.  He is taught by very good teachers and has made considerable progress.  I will continue to send him here even after he has completed his 11+ examinations, regardless of which secondary school he goes to.  Its certainly worth it.

I would recommend Summit.  It’s certainly worth coming to Summit to boost the ability of children.

Mr. Sundresh

Bakari Dixon-Eno’s Story

I’ve attended Summit Saturday School for the past three years where I have studied English, Mathematics and science with specialist teachers who have helped further my learning. The impact of their teaching has complimented the work I am learning at my mainstream school and this shows because I am often one of the top in my class when it comes to certain topics.

As well as learning the core subjects Summit has also taught me other skills, such as communication, teamwork, presentations and networking. These are all skills which are transferable and will be useful later on in life.

Through Summit I have been able to take part in workshops linked to the business industry. I have been to various workshops at Citi and I was invited to the House of Lords to participate in a Roundtable Meeting to discuss possible changes to the stop and search law. I would like to thank Mrs Stewart in particular for her continued efforts to develop business links and encourage me to lead by example. I would also like to thank my parents and family members who support me throughout Summit Saturday School. I am also grateful for the help I have received from all the professionals and companies who support Summit Saturday School..

Bakari Dixon-Eno,

Kahra’s Story

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to adjust the level of tuition for Johannes.

He returned after his Saturday lessons full of enthusiasm about the teachers and the learning environment. As his current troubles at school seem to have resulted less from lack of ability but a certain absence of effort and energy in class and in dealing with his homework, I am so grateful to you and your staff for enabling Johannes to experience and exhibit a different mindset during lessons.


Cassandra’s Story

I have been at Summit for the past three years and I haven’t regretted a single moment. I first started when I was in Year 9 and approaching GCSE level. To be honest, I was quite reluctant to start Summit all those years ago. The reason for that is, when I was first told the news that I would have to wake up early on my precious Saturday mornings I was upset, I felt to myself that the world was coming to an end!

However, at the age of 17 and having ‘A’ grade GCSEs and AS Qualifications, in English Literature, history and sociology under my belt, I can honestly say that being a student at Summit has been more than worth its while. The reason being is that without a disciplined yet relaxed environment, I wouldn’t have the same strengthened focus to target my academic aims.

I can now see that the hours that I received at my comprehensive school weren’t nearly enough for me to absorb all the intellectual information that I required. In addition to the hours, being in a room full of competitive students I found it hard to concentrate or complete class work that had been set for the lesson, simply because the teachers’ time was consumed by other students. And that is where Summit steps in. In a classroom of only a handful of children, life is much better. Any work related problems are solved at Summit and professional help in a pleasant atmosphere completes my learning to the maximum. Although I am set homework every week, after being given the unlimited educational support that I need, I am motivated to complete anything that is given to me.

I can honestly say that over the past years my confidence has rocketed. I am able to wake up on my Saturday mornings with a genuine drive to do well, in a fun and happy environment – factors which I think are key to ensuring academic success.


Koryn’s Story

Due to Medical problems, I was asked to leave my college and was therefore unable to do my second year of A-Level exams. I had lost all hope of going to university that September and was at a loss but, that was until I heard about Summit! Unlike my teachers at college, who did not believe in me and have the faith that I would pass.

The principal of Summit Saturday School (Mrs Stewart) did believe in me and gave me the opportunity to sit my exams as a private candidate. The thought of being a private candidate overwhelmed me as I had always sat exams in school and didn’t know what to expect. However, Mrs Stewart put me at ease and made the whole process un-complicated.

As soon as I paid for my exams I received my Statement of Entry and all the exam dates. I was shown where I could find material to assist me with my studies i.e. Specifications, Past papers and Mark Schemes which were all a great help! As time grew nearer to my exams the more nervous I got, but the confidence Mrs Stewart and previous students of Summit Saturday School had in me assured me and pushed me harder to ensure I achieved my goals.

The procedures Summit Saturday School have in place for external exams are flawless! Everything ran smoothly and according to plan! I managed to sit all 8 of my exams and I have never been happier. I can proudly say I am going to Hertfordshire University to study an LLB Law degree.  Without Summit Saturday School this would not have been made possible at this stage in my life. Summit Saturday School gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams and the whole experience could not have been made better.  Summit’s motto is: ‘we give you the tools to climb mountains’ and they certainly do! Sitting my exams at Summit, taught me whatever life throws at you to never give up, with focus and hard work you will achieve what you want in life.


Janice’s Story

I want a good education for my son and that is why I looked for a place to get him the extra help he needs. He is a bright child. I am so tired in the evening there is no time or energy to help him.

I was delighted when I found Summit Saturday School on a google search. I read what other parents and children had to say and was particularly drawn to the small classes that they have.

It was hard work to persuade Daniel to go to school an extra day but, the moment he got to Summit Saturday School he liked it and wanted to go back. I don’t know what it is about the environment but all the children seem happy and are very friendly. We have not looked back since.

Within a few short weeks his teachers at school asked me if he was getting help somewhere because they noticed a big change in him. My son is confident, happy and doing very well in school. I actually think he surprises at himself at times. My child and I have got value at Summit, brimming over.