A Level Courses

A levels are a globally recognised qualification. As a student in the 6th form at school or college you will appreciate the importance of A levels to obtain the UCAS points required by the universities you have chosen.

“Summit is like a second home to many of its students as a former student myself, it was always a comforting thought to know that regular school was not the be all and end all. It was great to know that you had teachers you could trust and who would spend time with you ensuring you understood your work. It gives you a massive confidence boost and I did not feel intimidated to ask or answer questions in class as I used to be. It was also great having a second group of friends. The other students were so welcoming that Summit soon became a social benefit and not just an educational benefit.  I would recommend Summit to everyone!”


A Levels are normally studied over two years, however at Summit our specialised staff will help you to make a difference to your grades in a much shorter time.

At Summit, we are keen to work with students who want to achieve A* – C grades at A level.

The subjects currently available at A Level are Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry

A Level Mathematics

We understand that the leap from GCSE to A Level can be daunting and our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible
Edexcel, OCR and AQA specifications are taught at Summit.

If you are taking AS or A Level Mathematics for the first time, in addition to attending classes at Summit Saturday School, we expect you to be attending day classes at school or college, as these specifications are extensive and require many hours teaching time.

The Classes:  Pure Mathematics, Further Pure Mathematics, MEI

Pure Mathematics:

AS:           C1   C2   S1

A2;           C3   C4   S2

Further Pure Mathematics – equivalent to 2 A Levels (for high achieving students only)

AS            C1    C2   C3   M1   M2

A2            FP1  FP2  FP3  M3  M4  M5

MEI         Mathematics

Our AS and A2 classes are small, intimate and taught by qualified, specialist mathematicians.  Entry to the AS mathematics course is dependent on having achieved a high grade in GCSE Mathematics.  For students who arere-sitting A Level Mathematics, entry to the course is based on an assessment  to determine your ability to complete the course successfully. All students, whether preparing for AS or A2 mathematics must demonstrate a strong commitment to undertake independent work.

Hard work is required at all levels and a love for the subject is a great help.  If you are also attending school, the tuition you receive here will propel you to higher levels of achievement.

You can be certain that your teachers will always go the ‘extra’ mile to help you achieve your goal.

We are perfectly aware that the top universities are now seeking A and A* grades in a number of subjects including Mathematics and our commitment to you is to prepare you to this standard. We will need your full cooperation, commitment to your studies, regular attendance, punctuality, completion of homework, appropriate note taking during lessons and full participation in class. Your teachers will expect you to bring to the lesson any difficulties you have experienced in doing your homework or specific tasks you have found challenging.

Get the A Level grades you deserve

At Summit we provide accelerated A level courses, with the aim to vastly increase your understanding. During the lesson, your teachers work closely with you, addressing  problems that arise immediately. Summit’s specialist teachers quickly diagnose your  lack of understanding, providing systematic solutions to overcome learning obstacles. Extensive knowledge of the specifications and requirements possessed by our teachers enables them to accurately prepare you for exam success.

We offer A Level courses as a Saturday class