Key Stage 1

In this course your child learns to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. The students learn the basic elements of English and Mathematics. The course is designed with the pupil’s future in mind. Our expectation is that these children will eventually be prime candidates for grammar and independent schools as well as the top universities.

Give your child the head start they need..

The pupils on the Key Stage 1 course are confident in their ability in mathematics. They understand the rules and language of maths and are ahead in their knowledge of how to apply their learning. They are strong confident readers and constantly build their vocabulary.

“I like Saturday school because it helps me with my reading and writing. I did not use to like maths but now I understand it and I always put my hand up to answer the questions.
My teacher is kind to me and I don’t get worried if something is wrong. She just shows me how to do it the right way. This school is fun. Everyone is nice to you and I have lots of friends. My mum likes bringing me here too.“


Key Stage 1 pupils are taught by the best primary teachers in small classes

Apply now.. Give your child the head start they need to propel them towards academic success