Frequently Asked Questions

When is it possible to retake A level exams?

Retakes for most A levels, AS and A2 are available in June. Some are offered
in January but not all of them.

Where can I retake the exam
If your school is agreeable, they may allow you to retake the A levels there, otherwise you can retake as a private candidate. In order to do this you must find a Recognised Centre prepared to enter you.

How much does it cost?
Contrary to popular belief, exams are not free, even schools pay. Most Centres will have an administration fee. The cost of the examination will depend on when you make your entry. Late entries can be very expensive.

Do I have to retake the entire exam even if I did well in some units?
No, you only need to retake the unit(s) with the lowest marks. You do not need to retake all the units at the same time either, some can be taken in January and the others in June.

Where can I get advice?
Your teachers at your current school who know you best and are aware of your results. There is some very specific information you must get from your teachers:
Name of the examination board
Title of the exam you wish to retake
The specification
The unit entry codes

I want my coursework remarked is this a service that the Centre will offer?
Many Centres will only enter you for written examinations but there are a few with whom you can make arrangements to have your coursework marked. This is something you must check with individual Centers.
It is advisable to contact the examination board regarding the marking of coursework as some provide this service. This mainly applies to June examinations for GCSE.

What information will I need to give to the Exam Centre to be entered as a private candidate?
This is a very important question. Before contacting the Centre you
will need the following information. ( It is your responsibility to ensure that it is perfectly correct for each exam you wish to take.
the subject code
the unit code
the examination board
your UCI number (this can be found on your Statement of Results)

What other information will I have to provide?
Each centre will ask you to complete an application form with vital information that they need to make your entry.

If I am attending a Revision Course will I have to enter as a private candidate?
No, this will be done as part of the Course.